Why Are Heat Pump Water Heaters So Energy Efficient?

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One of the biggest challenges with water heating a home is finding a solution that is both good for the environment and saves money to operate. The first of these two challenges has been the most serious to solve.

Both of more typical and long-time standard water heater types, electric and gas, are big energy users. For example, electric water heaters can use the same amount of electricity to run an electric car 16,000 miles or more a year. As for gas hot water heaters, only around 50-60% of the gas used is actually used. The rest can be wasted through venting.

According to Patrick Rogers of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

Currently, water heaters of all types account for 19 percent of U.S. households’ energy consumption—more than cooking and refrigeration combined. Roughly 40 percent of America’s homes are equipped with electric resistance heaters that needlessly draw excessive amounts of energy from the national power grid and contribute to high utility bills. The impact of gas and propane water heaters, now operating in half of all U.S. homes, is even worse: They burn fossil fuels, releasing greenhouse gases and dangerous toxins like nitrogen oxides, which has been linked to numerous respiratory diseases (read more here).

Heat Pump Water Heater Albuquerque

Though more energy efficient ways of producing electricity are being used in different regions of the United States, alternate water heating methods have been tested over the last 15 years. This has lead to the creation of instant water heaters, or tankless water heaters, as well as solar water heaters. Tankless water heaters thankfully, do not need to use gas to constantly keep a 50 gallon storage tank warm, but they still rely on using gas, and use a lot of it. The use of gas is still a leading polluter. Solar water heating, though very good for the environment, as expensive in terms of the equipment. They can need a backup source of hot water for winter seasons in colder locations, and some have needed expensive repairs.

However, the best current solution to these two issues in the past 5 to 10 years has been the use of heat pumps. Why is this? Heat pump water heaters are very efficient! They are 3.5 times more energy efficient than using electric water heaters, and 7 times more efficient than gas water heaters. The difference with heat pump technology is that they do not make heat; rather, they move heat from one place to another. They do rely on electricity, but use far less than a traditional electric water heater. And the technology for making cleaner electricity is advancing better than that for using gas. Equipment cost is far less than solar water heaters. They do cost a little more than traditional electric and gas heaters, but there are rebates for them. A yearly rough estimate cost is around $100 for an average family home.

If you are looking to make your Albuquerque home more energy efficient, we would love to share some information on using a heat pump in your home!

Tankless Water Heater Benefits

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Your Albuquerque household’s second greatest energy using device is the water heater. The cooling and heating unit is the home appliance making use of the most energy. Most houses are still utilizing a conventional storage water heater. They are still the most well liked kinds of water heaters. They are a trustworthy home appliance, yet a large number of can lose around 3/4 of the energy they take in from standby loss. With the storage tank capacity of these water heaters being 40-80 gallons, that is definitely plenty of water to maintain at a consistent temperature the whole day long while a good number of property owners aren’t home to utilize the heated up water. Hence, the standby energy loss might be quite substantial. This can be the principal factor for making use of a tankless water heater, for water is simply heated up when it is required.Tankless Water Heaters Albuquerque

An additional term for tankless water heaters are on demand heaters. The general method by which they function is through having gas burners or an internal heating element warm the necessary water right when it is desired. The heating takes place quickly and is incredibly dependable. Tankless water heaters do normally need to have a greater electric need compared to a traditional water heater that will have to be established, but they utilize a lesser amount of energy in the overall picture seeing that they are not continually always keeping water heated up, which makes them a great deal more energy efficient.

A second benefit to tankless water heaters is the fact Albuquerque property owners may choose to get one installed for the overall home, or only for selected areas, actually for only just one hot water fixture also. Models for individual use are little and stream-lined. They are really developed to be effective in a bathroom or kitchen.

Many other pros of making use of a tankless water heater are its manufacturing strength, long life and reduced servicing prerequisites. Because of the dynamics of precisely how a storage tank water heater performs, the tank in addition to its inner components will certainly rust over time, and there will likely be mineral deposit accumulation inside as well. Based on the quality of ones water will certainly specifically correlate to just how rapidly this takes place. Water quality continues to be critical with tankless water heaters, though not in the same manner concerning elements rusting or experiencing problems with corrosion.

The standard storage tank heater should last close to 10 to 12 years, at times longer. Even though a good number of property owners will not carry out a lot of frequent routine maintenance to the water heater, it will certainly substantially assist with obtaining an extended life from it. It is of greater importance to never postpone getting frequent servicing to a tankless heater, but a tankless system will normally last over 20 years.

Just how do the 2 varieties of water heaters compare when it comes to cost? Tankless units can cost more to buy and to set up. Of course the majority of people aren’t yet exchanging a tankless model, which means that it will likely be a new set up. Whenever a traditional water is what was formerly used, there’ll be various additional expenses to changing electrical and venting. The article here is what Consumer Reports has to says about switching.  Having said that, through the life span of the heater, the increased upfront expenditures are going to be obtained with energy expense savings and the greater life expectancy of the heater.

Let us know about any issues you may be having with your water heating equipment.

Water Heater Heater Repair Overview Video

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We really enjoy taking care of Water Heater Heater Repairs in Albuquerque and have enjoyed assisting all of our friends and neighbors. Come back here in our blog for we are going to continue to include tips on water heater maintenance and common care.

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We are likewise accessible to assist you with every other kind of plumbing repair you may need completed. Whether it is a leaking faucet, drain cleaning, toilet repair, or leak detection. We have witnessed pretty much any sort of emergency plumbing and water heater repair circumstance you can envision and look forward to utilizing our well crafted troubleshooting expertise!

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